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Goofs from Curious George

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  • In the balloon scene when Ted is chasing George, Ted is tied to a bundle of balloons and holding a kite to pull him along. He then catches and holds George with both hands. In the next scene Ted is holding the kite again in his hand being pulled along with George.
  • George puts one of his feet in the can of red paint and then walks to the bathroom where the opera singer is taking a bubble bath. George leaves red paint foot prints on the floor with one foot only. When Ted arrives at the apartment, he sees George's foot prints leading to the bathroom. At that time there are red foot prints for both feet.
  • At his apartment, Ted lowers the venetian blinds and the slats fall irregularly. In the next shot, the shadows of the blinds on Ted's back are even. When Ted turns around and sees the hat on the ground, the blinds are irregular again.
  • When ships are at a dock, they do not lower their anchors. They use ropes(lines) tied to capstans on the ship and dock to keep the ships in place.
  • The ship H.A. Rey, leaves port with the anchor still down. Ships pull up anchor before getting under way.
  • When the ship leaves New York to go to Africa, the map of the trip shows the ship leaving from the east coast of Florida.
  • Overhead projectors cannot project holographic images. They can only project images on a wall or screen.
  • Set in the 21st century, as indicated by Ted's camera cell phone. Yet the Central Park Zoo is shown with its 20th-century cages, which were replaced by natural habitat enclosures before the century's end.
  • Overhead projector is turned on without being plugged in to an outlet.
  • It is often claimed that George is an ape, not a monkey, because he has no tail. However, there are a few tail-less monkey species such as the Barbary macaque. It is conceivable that George is such a species, probably a fictitious one.
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