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Goofs from Call Me by Your Name

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  • In the final scenes the Hanukkah hanukkiah is lit incorrectly for the 7th night. It is customary to place the candles on the right side of the hanukkiah. The missing 8th candle should be on the left side.
  • The position of Elio's hands change in each edit during the first dinner party.
  • In the final shot of Elio at the fireplace, a housefly can be seen crawling on his shirt. Flies don't live long enough for it to be in the house that time of year, when snow has fallen (and during Hanukkah).
  • During the dance party, when the DJ changes the song to "Love My Way," the girls in the foreground react in excitement before it's possible to even register what the new song is.
  • During the foot massage scene, Elio's arm position changes drastically between cuts.
  • When prof. Perlman is showing Oliver the colour slides of Greek statues sent from Berlin, the 4th one is the 'dancing satyr' which was discovered in Sicily in 1998 (the statue is displayed in a museum specially built for it in Mazara del Vallo in Sicily), while the film is set in 1983.
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