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Goofs from Blade Runner 2049

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  • While exploring the abandoned casino, K gives a casual one-handed spin to a roulette wheel. We never see the ball and various theories purport that it is not possible to launch the ball. It is fully possible to pick up a ball sitting in the part of the wheel we cannot see due to the camera angle, and roll it and give the wheel a spin in one motion.
  • The back of K's jacket gets dirty during the fight before reaching the orphanage and then is completely clean when inside the orphanage.
  • When Luv takes K to the room where the data files are stored, the heavy door jams about half way when opening. She then uses physical strength to open it with her hands (with no apparent effort), but she is wearing elegant shoes with heels on a slippery floor. It would be physically impossible for her to apply enough force on the heavy door to open it without having a good grip on the ground, regardless of her superhuman strength. She would normally slide away when trying. This being 2049, with advances in technology prompted by decades of litigation and compensation ; we can safely presume that such shoes have a means to "grip" at least artificial floors. That would be a trivial technical problem, compared to other portrayed technology : hover-cars, holograms that can see, instant showers, off-world travel, replicants etc. etc.
  • The first song listed ("Summer Wind"), is displayed as "Perfromed by Frank Sinatra" instead of "Performed by Frank Sinatra".
  • Replicants are always told to look up and to the left, but they always look up and to their right, when revealing the serial number on their eyeball.
  • The forensic autopsy of Rachael's bones mentioned that she died during childbirth BUT it was also mentioned that the bones were 30 years old in 2049 which makes Rachael's death occur in 2019. This makes the 6-10-21 inscription on both the wooden horse and Sapper's tree contradictory to the forensic findings in police morgue/lab.
  • While examining lady's skeleton in the LAPD morgue, Coco directly states that the person had died more than 30 years ago. The movie takes place in 2049, thus the lady must have died prior to 2019 when the first installment of the "Blade Runner" takes place, making it impossible the skeleton to be of Rachel - Rachel was the part of the first movie and she gave the birth in 2021, according to this movie.
  • At the end of the film when K leans back against the steps, you can see an indention in the snow where his elbow is about to be placed, leading one to believe that this is a continuity error and that the indentation is from a previous take. However, if you look as he sits down, he places his hand on the step to lower himself down, creating the indentation where his elbow will later rest.
  • When K meets the 3 hookers, there are lots of foreign language ads all around, one of them is for Coca Cola but in Hebrew. The letters flash on and off and then light each letter individually. The order in which they light up is left to right, and not as it should be, since it's Hebrew, right to left.
  • When Agent K arrives where Deckard has been living all those years,a bee flies on his hand. When the bee flies away, the sound we hear is of a fly not a bee. But then we do not know if these are synthetic, or what type of bee they are supposed to be.
  • In Sapper Morton's kitchen, in the wide shots at the start of the scene, the flame under the pot is on full . Later, when the pot is in the foreground, the flame is much lower. At the end of the scene, as K opens the lid and smells the garlic, the flame is medium-high.
  • When Sapper Morton is in the pool checking on his grubs, it doesn't look like they could swim, so they'd all be on the bottom of the pool and he would be crushing them under his boots as he walked. It would be easy enough for the pool to have a metal grid, supported a few inches off the bottom ; on which he could walk., but reach through for the grubs.
  • The Memory Bearings are optical devices, so how were they affected by the Blackout of 2022, which was caused by an electro-magnetic pulse ? The memory bearings are read optically, but we can only guess how they are written, and edited ; a punched card is also read optically, but it would be "edited" by a shotgun, and "erased" by a rainstorm.
  • During the test clip shown of Rachel, supposedly some of the only data on her had by Wallace, we are clearly shown that her eyes are green. Yet when they attempt to tempt Deckard by an exact copy of her, they seem to fudge up this detail. This is a mistake by, or a technical shortcoming of, the Wallace Corporation ; which was noticed by Deckard. It isn't a plot-hole goof by the film-makers.
  • We see a number of bee hives and agent K's hand covered with bees. However the area is devastated, there is no sign of other life and certainly no flowers from which the bees can harvest nectar. However, several assemblies with round discs are shown to be where the bees harvest, next to the cases of bees where they live. So they must have found ways to have bees harvest off something that is not a flower.
  • Although there are pianos sitting around for several decades in harsh environments, all are perfectly tuned. It is unlikely the characters all learned to tune the pianos to such an extent.
  • When Deckard locks the door and runs to where his Spinner is parked, the position of his dog relative to him changes between shots. First, the dog is ahead of him when he locks the door, then behind him as Officer K bursts through the wall, then the dog vanishes when the Spinner explodes.
  • After the scene where K finds the wooden horse inside the furnace, we cut to Joi and K back at their apartment. During their conversation, Officer K's arms change position, from resting on his lap, to his clenched fists being used to support his chin, between shots.
  • When K is at Dr. Ana Stelline and he kicks the stool over, you can see the reflection of Ana sitting straight and looking to the left at the stool. When the camera pans over to her again, you still see her sitting hunched over and crying.
  • When Officer K says to Deckard, "Look, I don't want to hurt you..." he is extending his right arm towards Deckard. In the next shot when K says "... but you're not making it easy." his left arm is extended towards Deckard, with his right arm resting at his side.
  • After the orphanage, K and Joi are back in his apartment having a conversation. At one point while they are talking K yells "stop!" at Joi and his breath makes Joi's hair move. Joi is supposed to be a hologram. Her hair shouldn't have been affected.
  • In the final scene where Deckard is being taken to see Ana, the flying car lands in the snow - and leaves tire tracks. Even if the "flying" car drove there, it has a large central rear wheel (A 'reversed trike') and should have left three tire tracks, not two.
  • "PAN AM" is seen on the side of a building; there is advertisement for "ATARI" and for "products made in CCCP" (the soviet union). The existence of all these is due to the fact that the movie plays in an alternate universe, not in ours.
  • When in Lt. Joshi's office, after discovering the bones are from a pregnant replicant, Lt. Joshi has her back to the wall and while talking to K. She steps forward saying "Are you telling me no?". When the camera returns to her three seconds later she is back against the wall.
  • We hear a voice saying "see-see-see-pee" CCCP. But CCCP is written in kiril alphabet and should be read "es-es-es-er" (Soyuz Sovetskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik) . At least "see-see-see-are" would be okay.
  • At one point we are told that there are two children born of a Replicant mother, a boy and a girl, and their DNA is identical. No two organisms with identical DNA could be of different biological genders.


  • When Joi is walking around Deckards bar you hear the sound of her boots hitting the floor, although she's a hologram.
  • When Deckard is struggling to free himself as the hovercar fills with water, his hair alternates between dry and wet, even after he puts his head underwater.
  • The tritium radiation of the wooden horse figurine (the Trojan Horse) leads blade runner KD6-3.7 (Joe) directly to where Deckard has been hiding, but Deckard has been on the run and was already in hiding long before the birth event on 10th June 2021. So exactly how did the child being chased when at the orphanage, get the wooden horse figurine, and subsequently hide it? Either someone else transported the wooden horse figurine from Deckard to the orphanage, or perhaps Deckard left the wooden horse figurine with pregnant Rachael (N6FAA52318) as a unique gift for their child, or there is a large plot hole here. It was Freysa, leader of the rebel Replicants, who (with Sapper) hid Ana Stelline after she was born. This must mean that Freysa had Deckard's complete trust, and it was she who transported the horse from him to his daughter after the radiation event but before young Ana hid the figurine.
  • Deckard says that the new Rachel is different from the one he knew because the original had green eyes. However, still shots from the original movie show that Rachel (Sean Young) has dark brown eyes.
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