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Quotes from American Made

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    • Barry Seal: Guys. It ain't about room, alright? It's about weight.
    • Barry Seal: I'm the gringo who always delivers.
    • Barry Seal: Either I fly the big fella or I fly your product.
    • Barry Seal: Schafer?
    • Monty 'Schafer': Who is "Schafer"?
    • [Barry records his last confession on video tape before his assassination]
    • Barry Seal: You know I guess you could say I helped build an army, defend a country and create the biggest drug cartel this world has ever seen. DEA, CIA, White House. I mean, it's been a hell of an adventure. Yes sometimes a little more than I bargained for. But goddamn, you try telling me that this ain't the greatest country in the world?
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