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  • When being taken for a tour around Colombia in a brightly colored helicopter, the door is open and through the window of the door can be seen the start of a website address on the side of the helicopter. All that can be seen is 'www.' with the door covering the rest of the address. The World Wide Web was not around in 1980.
  • When Lucy's brother is taking the suitcase out of the back of his car, the rear windscreen is wet with raindrops. The scene has a brief cut-away and then returns to the car where the rear windscreen is now completely dry.
  • The airplane with the tail registration number 'N164HH' shows up brand new in Barry Seal's hangar in Mena, after having one engine burnt and fuselage shot while Barry was taking photos over Columbia in the previous scene. However, he could have several airplanes with same number, considering they were given by CIA.
  • The Coast Guard planes are Beechcraft King Air C90 GTx aircraft. Hawker Beechcraft company (now Textron) introduced the GTx version with winglets and Rockwell Collins ProLine 21 glass cockpit in 2010.
  • When he meets with his CIA contact, Schafer, after being re-located to Arkansas in the early 1980s, Schafer is seen getting into a Chevrolet Celebrity with flush headlights. This style of Celebrity did not come about until 1986.
  • At the beginning of the movie, when Barry is taxing his TWA jet and is reported to be "number 13 for take off," one see a number of jets, some of them appearing to be in the modern Southwest livery. Also, the jets appear to be a modern type of Boeing 737 which did not exist in the 80s (recognizable by the oval shape of the engines as seen from the front of the airplane and by the winglets).
  • The propeller-driven Customs plane that intercepts Barry and convinces him to land in the suburban neighborhood in the early 1980s has "US Customs & Border Protection" on the side. At that time in American history it should've said "US Customs Service," as Customs & Border Protection was created in 2003.
  • Contemporary vehicles are visible in the reflection of a restaurant before the end credits.
  • The movie poster features Tom Cruise's bag dropping $100 bills. The version shown, a 1996 note, was not released until after the movie's events.
  • There are several scenes where Cadillacs are used by Barry. In one particular scene he shows a new 1980's Seville to his wife and he opens the trunk and she shuts it immediately and he reopens it and she slams it down again. This year model has a "soft close" trunk and slamming it shut is not possible, it gets to a few inches of closing and the machinery slowly seals the trunk.
  • While flying in the stormy weather, the cargo plane is shown several thousand feet in the air (judging from the TC bases) whereas all the smuggling flights were done as low over water as possible to avoid radar detection.
  • When the controller on duty points out an unidentified aircraft on his radar scope, the blip is actually identified with an airliner tag. If it was truly an unidentified blip, there would be no tag displayed.
  • In the beginning scenes, Tom Cruise's character meets "Schafer" in a diner in Louisiana. In the background, through the window, you can see a Publix SuperMarket sign in the background. Publix is a grocery chain that started in Florida, and didn't leave the state of Florida until after the 90's; which is after the time period of the movie.
  • At the beginning of the movie, when Barry is taxiing his TWA jet and is reported to be "number 13 for take off," one see a number of jets, some of them appearing to be in the modern Southwest livery. Also, the jets appear to be a modern type of Boeing 737 which did not exist in the 80s (recognizable by the oval shape of the engines as seen from the front of the airplane and by the winglets).
  • The whole time that Barry Seal lived in Arkansas pay phones cost a dime, not a quarter as he is shown using and had numerous ones stacked on top of phones. In fact, Arkansas was one of the last states to go to 25 cents, keeping the 10 cent rate well into the 1990s. However, since he was making long-distance calls, they would certainly cost more than the 10 cents needed for a local call.
  • In the opening scenes the co-pilot has three shoulder stripes. When he goes to sleep he has his hat on and three shoulder stripes then four shoulder stripes and no hat while sleeping. After a while, the co-pilot is back to his original three shoulder stripes.
  • The film shows Tom Cruise's character in jail narrating about a new sheriff in town. It shows Ronald Reagan speaking to his fellow Americans. He is out of jail and and the CIA offers to relocate him and his family to Mena, AR. The indicates his move to Mena '80. Reagan did not take the oath of office until 1981.
  • In addition to the inaccurate agency prop planes marking the US Border Patrol was not a part of the Customs Service until the 2003 merger of Immigration and Naturalization Service, US Customs Service, Agriculture Inspections combined to create the Customs and Border Protection.
  • On the boxes with weapons is written in Cyrillic "Kalasnikov". Correct writing is "Kalashnikov".
  • All of the fire extinguishers in the film, like in the plane hangar, are 2015 and later models, which would not have existed in the 1980's.
  • In one scene, Barry was in the hanger near the plane and had a cut below his left eye which appeared and disappeared in several scenes.
  • Delta never flew the 737, the airplane that Barry flew in the movie.
  • The 737 cockpit's vertical speed indicator (VSI) was of a type introduced in the 90s, designed to show the TCAS traffic avoidance system.
  • The scene where Barry's hiding boxes of cigars in his flight bag takes place in a 757 cockpit. In the background, you can see the flight deck instrumentation has been ripped out.
  • At 30:38, a map is shown on screen of what the narrator says is Nicaragua. Tom Cruise's character, Barry Seals, quickly corrects himself and says, "oh no, that's El Salvador." The country mistakenly labeled "Nicaragua" on the map is actually Honduras, not El Salvador. However, the mistake could be deliberate one as there is a writing during end credits stating authors of picture know about the mistake.
  • Our hero is said to be a TWA pilot, yet one scene near the beginning of the film shows the plane he is landing to be in Eastern Airlines colors.
  • When the agent in the FBI Bank Financial Division looks at a print out that lists several banks in "Mena, AK", another agent comments that "there's a lot of money in Mena, Arkansas." The actual 2-letter abbreviation for Arkansas is "AR", "AK" is for Alaska.
  • In the beginning of the movie, when Berry is waiting in line during taxi as no. 11 for take off, there is a shot of the overhead panel where the blue "ground power available" light is on. This light can only be on when the aircraft is on the parking stand with the Ground Power Unit (a generator for planes) connected and running, never when taxiing or in the air.
  • In a scene set in 1982, Barry says that the AMC Gremlin X is a "new car". The Gremlin was discontinued following the 1978 model year.
  • When Monty 'Schafer' shows Barry the airport that he (Barry) will fly from, he drives a Chevy Celebrity. The version with the single headlight was released a few years after the date that is on the screen a few seconds later.
  • Towards the end of the film, when Barry is making the video tapes in the motel room, an exterior shot of the room and the motel in general show electronic key card locks on the doors. While mechanical key card locks had existed for a few years by the time this scene takes place, the digital mag stripe-based locks seen in the film had not yet been developed.
  • In the beginning, Tom Cruise's character, a TWA Captain, is seen piloting a Boeing 737 twin jet for that aforementioned airline. TWA never operated any 737's.
  • When they are training the Contras in Arkansas, a few of the American military personnel there are wearing what's commonly known as "Chocolate Chip" camouflage, which the U.S. military adopted sometime in the early 90's, during the time of the 1st Gulf War, in Kuwait. That pattern of camo definitely did not exist within the time frame depicted in the movie, as the standard at that time would have been the "Woodland" camo pattern, designed for ground use in Europe, during the Cold War.
  • Early in the film, the plane that's filmed landing in Panama is the Cessna 414 that was introduced later in the movie and is flown by another pilot. At this point the main character is flying his Piper Aerostar around Central America and it should have been used in this clip for consistency and accuracy of aircraft.
  • As a TWA pilot at the beginning of the film, Barry welcomes passengers to Bakersfield. TWA never flew to Bakersfield.
  • The sheriff's wife pronounces "Ouachita" as "Wa-chee-ta" instead of "Wash-i-taw".
  • Barry Seal did not quit his job at TWA. In July of 1972 he was fired for taking fraudulent medical leave in order to participate in an explosives smuggling operation.
  • There is no way, none, that a southern 1970s-80s woman of Lucy's age and social status would ever have dropped a casual F-bomb, not even to her own husband in private.
  • To set the scene for early 1978, the opening montage includes shots of Iranian ayatollahs and a videocassette player, and plays music from 1976. The Iranian revolution didn't take place until 1979; well over 90% of Americans in 1978 had never seen or heard of VCRs, which were still far too expensive for home use; and because popular music had taken such a drastic turn in late 1977, "Let Your Love Go" by the Bellamy Brothers was, despite being only two years old, too old-fashioned for 1978, belonging instead to the "Country Crossover" tastes of 1974-76.
  • Sarah Wright's hair, clothing, makeup and mannerisms are pure 21st-century and would have been wildly out of place in the 1970s American South.
  • When Seal is first shown the airplane in the hangar, the brown sheet that covers the nose and most of the windscreen moves numerous times between shots.
  • The Porsche 911 seen at a Barry's wedding party had aftermarket cross spoke wheels of a design that did not exist until the early-1990s.
  • In a scene when Barry Seal left the cockpit and walk out of the airplane, the cockpit shown is a Boeing 737 classic cockpit. However when Seal walk out of the airplane, it is shown that the plane is a Airbus A320 with TWA livery. TWA never operated Airbus A320 and Airbus A320 has not yet fly in 1970's. Airbus A320 made it first flight on 1987, eight years before the event of the movie.
  • The DA tells Barry they are going to put him in a "4 foot by 6 foot cell for the rest of his life." The smallest cells in state and federal prison are 8 feet by 10 feet.
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