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Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel Movie Poster

Goofs from Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

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  • (at around 39 mins) When Toby is breaking the drums the same drum gets broken twice.
  • (at around 19 mins) When Ian takes the Chipettes to the roof they perform for him on the Jett Records sign. The sign at the very edge of the building facing the parking lot. As Ian sits on the roof and watches the girls, the sign can be clearly read, but as it is three dimensional made of stylized, cut-out chrome letters, it would be backwards when viewed from the street.
  • (at around 10 mins) While the chipmunks are spinning in the bowl on the food processor they start spinning counter clockwise, then the shot switches to a close up and when it switches back to the wide shot just before they are thrown out of the bowl, they are spinning clockwise as they are thrown out of the left side of the bowl towards the hanging pots and pans.
  • (at around 58 mins) At the sing-off, when the Chipettes are singing, Ian uses his phone to make a video. He says "If you like what you see, call Ian Hawke...." however, when the video is seen on a website by some record executives, Ian says "If you're interested..."
  • (at around 58 mins) At the sing-off, when the Chipettes are singing, Ian uses his phone to make a video. At the end, he winks to his phone. However, when the video is seen on a website by some record executives, Ian does not wink.
  • (at around 30 mins) When Toby is playing dodgeball in the high school flashback and admiring Julie, he closes his eyes and flinches just before getting hit in the head with a ball.
  • (at around 5 mins) Jackie Seville referred to Toby Seville as her grandson, but he later (at around 47 mins) referred to her as his aunt. This was actually not a mistake because Toby was talking to Dave Seville at the time, and he was describing her from Dave's point of view.
  • (at around 1h 21 mins) At the end of the move, the chipmunks and the chipettes all say goodnight. All but Alvin, who then fusses with Dave with the lights. When Dave switches it off, Alvin switches it on, then Dave switches it back on. The camera switches back to Alvin and somehow the switch is "magically" switched back up.
  • (at around 1h 3 mins) The signage at the zoo entrance is "Los Angeles Zoo", but the signage inside the zoo reads "California State Zoo".
  • (at around 10 mins) The chipmunks were spinning in the the bowl on the food processor and they flew out, the phone rang and they answered it. Somehow in between the time they flew out and they answered the phone, the food processor is turned off, but no one went back to it to turn it off.
  • The address of Dave's house changes back and forth between 1958 (date of the first Chipmunks record) and 1516 throughout the film.
  • (at around 1h 14 mins) When Ian is controlling the toy helicopter with the chipmunks on it, he suddenly trips and the controller flies out of his hand. While in the air, it suddenly shrinks enough for one of the chipmunks to catch it. Once one of the chipmunks catches it, it is small enough to fit on Ian's fingertip.
  • (at around 15 mins) In the first classroom scene, when the girls run up to meet the chipmunks, the camera shows two students sitting behind Ryan and Xander. The camera cuts and shows the men have switched places.
  • (at around 7 mins) The chipmunks ride in the front passenger seat of the car and the seat belt is the kind that goes across the lap, but most front passenger seat belts go across the lap and shoulder.
  • (at around 1h 9 mins) Alvin answers an iPhone by pressing a button on its touch screen. While talking, he keeps inadvertently touching the "End Call" button, but the phone does not hang up.
  • (at around 50 mins) Jeremy is seen moving from another table to sit next to Ryan. In some shots, he is back at the other table.
  • (at around 17 mins) The chipettes' FedEx package doesn't have an address label on it.
  • (at around 1 min) At the beginning of the movie, a Mexico City audience is watching a live video feed of a performance in Paris. The chipmunks then fly to Los Angeles on Global Pacific Airlines.
  • (at around 36 mins) When Simon throws away the apple, a tower made of lunch items appears on the table behind Ryan and then disappears in the next shot.
  • (at around 1h 15 mins) In the crowd closeups of Julie, audience members from the front row are behind her.
  • (at around 5 mins) Toby Seville is introduced as Jackie's "grandson". However, he refers to Jackie as "Aunt Jackie" when she's being loaded into the ambulance near the start of the movie.
  • (at around 1h 9 mins) When Alvin answers call from Brittany (she is using Ian's number) he didn't turn speakerphone mode on (button on the screen isn't lit) but still talking like he does.
  • Alvin breaks the TV screen with the Wii remote but later when the chipmunks watch Meercat Manor the screen is not broken. Then, later again, when Toby is on the phone to Dave he covers up the TV screen with a blanket and it is broken again.
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