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Quotes from A Wrinkle in Time

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    • Mrs. Which: The only thing faster than light is the darkness
    • Mrs. Which: Trust nothing.
    • Dr. Alex Murry: What if we are here for a reason. What if we are part of something truly divine.
    • Mrs. Whatsit: Don't worry, Meg. Tessering is almost, nearly, perfectly natural!
    • Principal Jenkins: You're next, Charles Wallace!
    • Meg: I don't have a problem!
    • Principal Jenkins: You can't keep using your father's disappearance as an excuse to act out. What do you he think he'd say about all this? Seriously? If he walked through that door today, what would happen?
    • Meg: The world would make sense again!
    • Principal Jenkins: Listen, all I'm saying is... it's been four years. Odds are, he's not coming back.
    • [Meg gets up from her chair and leaves the office]
    • Principal Jenkins: I did not excuse you, young lady. Meg!
    • [cut to the Murry house]
    • Mrs. Murry: I want you to write an apology to Principal Jenkins.
    • [Meg nods her head in fear]
    • Mrs. Murry: And one to Veronica.
    • [closes the door]
    • Meg: Mom! She called Charles Wallace crazy!
    • Mrs. Murry: That's no excuse!
    • [walks away]
    • Meg: Well, Dad always told me to stand up for what I believe in!
    • Mrs. Murry: Don't use Dad like that. It's not fair!
    • Meg: He's not coming back! Is he?
    • Mrs. Murry: Don't give up hope, Meg-lin!
    • Principal Jenkins: Veronica Kiley's parents are on their way here. They're worried for their daughter's safety.
    • Meg: Their daughter is mean!
    • Principal Jenkins: You hit her in the face!
    • [sits at his desk and pauses]
    • Principal Jenkins: You - you we're a top student. Top attitude. But, look at you now. You - you're aggressive, you're hostile, you shut everybody out, and then wonder why they don't like you.
    • Meg: I don't wonder and I don't care!
    • Principal Jenkins: Hmm. Well, maybe that's your problem!
    • Calvin: You know, you have great hair!
    • [Veronica laughs and Calvin waves at her]
    • Calvin: Veronica is your neighbor?
    • Meg: Yes! Come here. Please!
    • Calvin: So, you're embarrassed to be seen with me?
    • Meg: Yeah right. Other way around. She's going to tell everybody that you were with me and I'm just trying to protect your reputation. So, can come you here?
    • Calvin: She already saw us. Besides, there's nothing to be embarrassed about!
    • [Veronica closes her window]
    • Meg: You say that now, but... you don't know what it's like having your every move mocked and ridiculed.
    • Calvin: Well, you'd be surprised!
    • Meg: Come on, Calvin. Everybody likes you. Even the teachers. You do everything perfectly.
    • Meg: What? No, I don't. Please don't say that.
    • [smirks]
    • Calvin: Tell that to my dad!
    • Meg: At least, you have your dad!
    • Calvin: Right, sorry that - you must really miss him?
    • Meg: More than anything in the universe!
    • Calvin: Okay!
    • [pause]
    • Calvin: I had a great time. Your mom is insanely nice.
    • [Veronica looks out her window]
    • Calvin: Your house is warm. Smells good and is full of... I don't know what. It's amazing!
    • Meg: It's far from amazing. My mom's upstairs in her room preparing for yet another parent-teacher conference for her delinquent daughter.
    • [sees Veronica staring at Meg and Calvin out her window and sighs]
    • Meg: Oh now, not now. Come here!
    • [possess by The It]
    • Charles Wallace: That's so like you to try to come to the rescue, isn't it Calvin? Always so helpful, overly cheery, trying to please everyone, hoping to convince them that you're not just a burden to your father and your world. Pathetic!
    • Calvin: I think I'm going to go home!
    • Meg: You sure?
    • Calvin: Yeah! There's some things I need to say to my dad. Maybe now I can finally say them. It's funny how it took a trip around the universe to get me there.


    • [flashback where Calvin is abused by his father]
    • Calvin's Father: 84! 82! 82? I mean, are you even trying or are you just an idiot? Because if this is the best you can do, it's pathetic. You look at me when I'm talking to you. This is pathetic!
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