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Will my Crown Club membership ever be deactivated, suspended or terminated?

To maintain our databases, Regal routinely purges non-active member files. If you do not have a Qualifying Purchase for over 42 consecutive months, we may purge all of your data from our system without notice to you and deactivate your Card so that it is unusable. If your account has been purged, simply register a new Card.

Regal may terminate or suspend your Membership at any time, for any reason, without liability to you. In such case, your Membership will be terminated or suspended 90 days after notice to you.

i) Upon your death, your Membership will terminate immediately. (ii) Regal reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to rescind credits and rewards and/or terminate your Membership immediately and without notice if, in the sole judgment of Regal, you (a) violate the Club Rules, (b) engage in any fraud or abuse relating to eligibility for Membership, accrual of credits, or redemption of credits or reward vouchers, (c) misrepresent any information supplied by you to Regal, or (d) engage in any activities that are inconsistent with Regal’s or Crown Club’s public image, goodwill, or reputation or applicable law. (iii) Regal may also terminate your Membership immediately and without notice in the event you do not have a Qualifying Purchase for a period of 12 consecutive months.

A “Qualifying Purchase” is the purchase of an admission ticket or concessions, including by redeeming (i) physical gift cards or e-gift cards (including any Regal gift card included in the “Ultimate Movie Pack”) for admission tickets or concessions, or (ii) Super Saver tickets at the box office for admission tickets. Logging into your Crown Club account via Regal’s website or the App, downloading the App and linking your Crown Club account (e.g., with Disney Movie Rewards, Facebook or Twitter) are not Qualifying Purchases.