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I've lost my Crown Club card! What should I do?

Regal is no longer offering replacement physical Crown Club cards. If your Card was registered, simply download the App and sign in with your Crown Club account log-in credentials to access your account number and the corresponding virtual Crown Club card associated with your account (or you can view your account number by logging in to your account at You can then use either your account number or your virtual Crown Club card to earn credits in the Crown Club (please see “How do I earn credits with my Card” above). Your account information, including your credit balance and unused rewards, will remain the same and the physical card will be permanently deactivated in our system and rendered unusable in order to safeguard your account.

Or, you can make purchases without your Card and then redeem the credit claim codes printed on your receipts as set forth in “CREDITS, REWARDS, AND OTHER BENEFITS” above.

If your lost physical Crown Club card was not registered, please contact Regal for assistance (please see “HELP!” below). If Regal cannot locate your account for any reason, you will need to download the App or visit to join the Crown Club and obtain a virtual Crown Club card.