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I forgot my Card and Card number. Will I still be awarded credits for my purchase?

It depends. If you make a purchase at the box office or concession stand, you may still earn credits for such purchase by providing the cashier with the valid phone number that you have attached to your Crown Club account, which the cashier can use to look up the account. However, this option is not available for admission ticket purchases (1) at an in-theatre kiosk (where you must swipe your Card or enter your Card number) or (2) online (where you must enter your Card number).

BUT! KEEP YOUR RECEIPT! The receipt you receive for purchases made at the box office will include a printed credit claim code. If you are unable to earn credits (e.g., you are not a Crown Club member; you forgot your Card and Card number) for a purchase that would otherwise be eligible to earn credits, go to, log in to your account, click the “Add Credits from Receipts” button, enter the credit claim code from your receipt, and click “Submit,” and you will receive credits for that purchase. If you were not a Crown Club member at the time of purchase, you will need to enroll in the Crown Club before the credit claim code can be processed (see “How do I join the Crown Club?” above). Please allow 24 hours for the credits to appear in your account.

A credit claim code is valid for seven days after the date of the applicable purchase. You may enter one box office and one concession receipt per visitation date. Code will only process if there are no existing like transactions on visitation date. Claim Code function does not add credits for:

  • purchasing alcohol;
  • redeeming complimentary passes or emergency tickets;
  • payments made to Regal for Group Sales ticket packages (i.e.. abooking in advance of 25 tickets or more via Regal's online Event Request Form or by calling 1-800-792-8244), including private screenings, or birthday party service fees (but note that if you simply purchase tickets for a group at full price at the box office, at in-theatre kiosks or online, you will receive credits for that purchase);
  • purchasing gift cards, Super Saver tickets (e.g., "Premiere Movie Ticket"; "VIP" ticket; "Ultimate Movie Pack" ticket) or tickets to Regal's Summer Movie Express program, or sponsorship of Regal's SUmmer Movie Express program; or
  • convenience fees charged by online third-party ticket retailers.


  • You scanned your app at the box office but forgot to scan at the concession stand. Your code from the concession purchase will work in this scenario.
  • You scanned your app at the box office and concession stand then return the same day to watch another movie and buy concessions but do not scan. Your claim code receipts from your second visit will not work on your account because you already have a box office and concession transaction for that date.

NOTE: If you forget your Card and Card number but still want to earn credits when making a purchase, you can access the account associated with a registered Card via the App by entering the email and password credentials for such account on the App’s log-in screen. Then, tap the purple Card on the home screen to see your Card number, which you can then provide to the cashier or enter online or at an in-theatre kiosk when making a purchase.