Rewards Bonus Program



Get 250 extra credits every day you visit
6+ visits per year


Get 1000 extra credits every day you visit
20+ visits per year


Get 500 extra credits every day you visit
10+ visits per year

Program Rules:

How do I get a Jewel tier status?
Once you have visited Regal theatres 6 times in this year, you will gain the benefits of our Emerald Status. As you continue to attend movies at Regal theatres and pass 10 visits this year, you will gain the benefits of our Ruby Status. And finally, as you cross your 20th visit this year, you will gain our Diamond Status. Each tier status provides members with a daily extra credit bonus. This bonus is added once per day you visit a participating Regal theatre.
How long do I keep my Jewel Status once I’ve achieved it?
Once you’ve visited Regal theatres enough times to qualify for a Jewel tier, you will retain the extra credit benefits for a full year. If you maintain your visitation rate through that full year, you will keep your bonus for an additional full year. Once you progress into a higher tier, you will gain that benefit level and retain it for a full year.
What can I redeem my credits for?
The Reward Center is filled with over 100 items you can choose from, including concession items, movie merchandise, sweepstakes entries, digital downloads and free movie tickets. Visit the Reward Center today to redeem your credits for rewards.
Do my credits ever expire?
NOT expire as long as you continue to see movies at Regal theatres; however, credits will expire if a member does not visit a Regal theatre for more than a year.