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Private Screenings

Experience first-run films in a private setting.

All private screenings must be booked in advance and are only available by calling 1-800-792-8244 or fill out our online Private Screening Information Request Form.

Regular Business Hours

  • A full buy out of an auditorium is required
  • Pricing is based on time of day, day of week and number of seats in the auditorium:
    • During Matinee hours: A full buy-out at the Adult Matinee admission rate
    • During Evening hours: A full buy-out at the Adult Evening admission rate

Non Business Hours

  • A minimum of 100 attendees
  • Pricing is based on the Adult Matinee rate. School groups & day camps will be charged the Child Matinee rate
  • Show is held before the theatre opens for regular business (8 am – 10 am). Holiday and summer hours may vary.
  • The purchase of a $250.00 gift card is required (non-profit groups exempt from purchase of the gift card)

IMAX Educational Screenings

Regal Entertainment Group and IMAX are proud to bring you an unforgettable, larger than life learning experience!

  • IMAX movies are designed to educate and enlighten as much as they are to entertain.
  • They present new, relevant knowledge in a powerful, popular medium and inspire thoughtful, lively classroom discussion.
  • IMAX field trips are fun, economical, and easily arranged.
  • They are a great way to extend the learning experience outside of the classroom.
  • Enjoy plush stadium seating, state of the art surround sound and crystal clear images in our IMAX digital screening auditoriums.
  • Screenings take place Monday through Friday before regular business hours.  This is generally between 8-10 am, though holiday and summer business hours may vary.
  • A minimum of 100 attendees.
  • 1 Movie Minimum or 2 Movie Maximum per day.
  • Please contact Group Sales at 1-800-792-8244 or for current ticket rates.

Click on the movie titles below to learn more about each film.

sea_monsters_xlg btbw_205x305 GalapagosPosterwithcredits
Sea Monsters 3D Born To Be Wild IMAX 3D Galapagos IMAX 3D
SpaceStation3D205x309 HUBBLE3D_POSTERlo UnderTheSea3D_1 DeepSea3D
Space Station IMAX 3D Hubble IMAX 3D Under The Sea IMAX 3D Deep Sea IMAX 3D
IslandofLemursMadagascarIMAX IMDB_DragonsPoster_300 FlyingMonsters
Madagascar: Island
of Lemurs IMAX
Dragons 3D Flying Monsters 3D