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Dolby® Atmos™


Dolby® introduces a powerful new listening experience for the movies, with its Dolby® Atmos™ sound technology that truly envelops you and allows you to hear the whole picture!

Check out "The Maze Runner" in Dolby® Atmos™ at one of the Regal Entertainment Group theatres listed below.

Watch Alfonso Cauron, writer and director of Gravity discuss the importance the revolutionary Dolby® Atmos™ sound system played in taking his pulse pounding thriller to the next level.

  • Dolby® Atmos™ delivers a dramatic new listening experience in select RPX® auditoriums
  • With Dolby® Atmos™, filmmakers can now position and move sounds precisely anywhere in a theatre, even overhead, to heighten the realism and impact of every scene.
  • Adds overhead speakers for the most realistic effects you’ve ever heard
  • Features more powerful bass & higher quality subwoofers
  • This is the way sound behaves in real life, and Dolby® Atmos™ sound brings it to the theatre.