Episode 1.4

The Trailer - The Ultimate X-Men Giveaway on The Trailer!

Get tickets & showtimes: http://regmovi.es/1nVZCkF

It's an X-Men fan's dream giveaway on The Trailer this week with a branded iPad and a COMPLETE Empire Magazine cover set (25) up for grabs. We're recasting Wolverine, breaking records for most Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonations and seeing what Emma Watson looks like all grown up.

Official Sweepstakes Rules: http://regmovi.es/1mtj4kd

With: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Zac Effron, Khal Drogo, Jason Momoa, Jason Alexander, Liam Hemsworth, Kevin Hart, Michael Cera, Emma Watson, Joe Manganiello, Schwartzenator, Yassir Lester, Erin Gibson, JP Von Hitchburg, Jonathan Weed, Eloy Palacios

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