The Regalist - 1.10

Episode 1.10

The Regalist - The Top 9 Best Scenes of Utter City Destruction in Movie History!

Godzilla comes out next week and before he destroys Las Vegas we're ranking all the other global cities that have had their bells rung by Hollywood. How badly did your city get it and did it make our list? From New York to Tokyo, check out what scenes Godzilla is looking to knock down in this week's Regalist! (And get real mad and tell us in the comments which scenes we forgot.)

With: New York City, London, Chicago, Pompeii, Paris, Tokyo, Los Angeles, San Diego, Miami, Kansas City, Dallas, Moscow, Berlin, Sydney, The Rock, Bryan Cranston, Garfield, Shia Labeouf, Mark Wahlberg, Baron Vaughn