Regal Sits Down With The Stars - 2.23

Episode 2.23

Regal Sits Down With the Stars of Trumbo!

We sent Regal Correspondent Matthew Hoffman to talk pen names with the stars of Trumbo, Bryan Cranston, Diane Lane, and Elle Fanning.

Trumbo is the big screen telling of the story of blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo.

Full Synopsis: In 1947, Dalton Trumbo (Bryan Cranston) was Hollywood’s top screenwriter until he and other artists were jailed and blacklisted for their political beliefs. TRUMBO (directed by Jay Roach) recounts how Dalton used words and wit to win two Academy Awards and expose the absurdity and injustice under the blacklist, which entangled everyone from gossip columnist Hedda Hopper (Helen Mirren) to John Wayne, Kirk Douglas and Otto Preminger.

With: Bryan Cranston, Elle Fanning, Diane Lane

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