Jack Talks Trailers - 1.5

Episode 1.5

Jack Talks Trailers - Episode 1.5 - w/Marlon Wayans: Fifty Shades of Black!


Yes, that's right. This week on Jack Talks Trailers, Jack gives you the breakdown of the Fifty Shades of Black Trailer, along with X-Men Apocalypse, Independence Day Resurgence, and Star Trek Beyond.

Jack Douglass of the ever-awesome JacksFilms (https://www.youtube.com/user/jacksfilms), is here for his fifth episode of Jack Talks Trailers and we have MARLON WAYANS!!

Don't forget to stay tuned to see his Regal version of YIAY where they go over their answers to what their safe word should be.

Stay to the end for a special trailer preview....

Watch the trailers here:

Fifty Shades of Black: http://regmovi.es/FiftyShadesOfBlack
X-Men Apocalypse: http://regmovi.es/XMenApocalypse
Independence Day Resurgence: http://regmovi.es/IndependenceDayResu...
Star Trek Beyond: http://regmovi.es/StarTrekBeyond

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