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Welcome to Regal Entertainment Group's Original Series. Every week we release new original content that you won't find anywhere else. Get caught up on our weekly series and webcasts such as Monday Morning Critic, Regal Sits Down with the Stars, The Makeup Room, and Catching Up with Andre.

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The Makeup Room

The Makeup Room with Casey Holmes

Welcome to The Makeup Room With Casey Holmes! In each episode of Regal Cinemas' newest show "The Makeup Room" YouTuber and Makeup Guru Casey Holmes will be showing you how to get the looks from your favorite stars of your favorite movies. 

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Monday Morning Critic

Monday Morning Critic with Krisily Kennedy

Every Monday Krisily Kennedy will be giving her review of a movie she saw that weekend, chosen by YOU, the fans! Don't forget to vote each week with the hashtag #REGmmc!

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Catching Up With Andre

Catching Up With Andre

Welcome to Catching Up With Andre, the new series where Andre The Black Nerd catches you up on everything you could possibly need to know about the upcoming movies based on comic books, novels, games, franchises, etc. and more!

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Regal Sits Down With The Stars

Regal Sits Down With The Stars

Get behind the movie screen with our exclusive Hollywood sit downs. We're giving you access to the hottest stars from the biggest movies week after week. And use our "Fans Want to Know" feature to ask the stars your burning questions, and we just might just get them answered for you.

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The Trailer

The Trailer - Regal Entertainment Group's Weekly Webisode

Movies are teased by trailers, and trailers are teased by us! We'll watch the newest trailers, review the hottest movies and sit down with the biggest stars. And join the conversation on YouTube for your chance to win prizes!

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