The Trouble With Terkel

Rating: r 0 hr 1 min

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Meet Terkel, a miserable sixth grader constantly picked on by two merciless bullies, Nigel and Saki. So what’s a modern kid to do when bullied? Tease the other oddball in class – a girl! Doris finds the abuse unbearable and throws herself out a window, which ironically makes Terkel popular. Now popular, Terkel embraces everything American - booze, violent videogames and rap! But life takes a turn for the weird when he starts receiving strange death threats, unable to confide in his annoying sister, alcoholic Uncle or dimwitted parents, Terkel turns to his sexually inappropriate hippie teacher for guidance in this anything goes comedy about love, family, psychos, pastries, booze and uncontrollable sixth graders!
Genre: Animated,Comedy
Director: Not Available
Cast: Mike Olsen,Anders Matthesen,Bill Bailey,Heddy Burress,Shark Firestone
Release: February 03, 2017