Extra Service

Rating: nr 0 hr 1 min

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Au (Arci Munoz), Em (Coleen Garcia), and Gie (JessyMendiola), the top burglars in the country who currently work as masseuses in Touch Mahal Spa, are tasked by the Filipino Organization of Top Agents (F.O.T.A) to get back a stolen wealth from a notorious syndicate. As they try to win against cut-throat obstacles during the course of their mission, they face the biggest challenge they never thought would turn up – the challenge on their rock-solid friendship. Will Au, Em, and Gie be able to succeed in completing their task despite the hindrances that come their way?
Genre: Action/Adventure,Comedy
Director: Not Available
Cast: Arci Muñoz,Arci Muñoz,Coleen Garcia,Coleen Garcia,Jessy Mendiola
Release: January 13, 2017