Weird Wednesday: Shaolin Invincibles

Rating: nr 0 hr 1 min

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What are the best things in the world? Kung fu, women, apes, and wizards, duh. Logic would follow that combining these elements into one movie would create THE BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME. Well, maybe SHAOLIN INVINCIBLES isn't the best movie of all time, but as far as cheap, Taiwanese martial arts movies about righteous sword wielding sisters exacting revenge on the baddies who killed their entire family go, this is the silly cream of the wacky crop. For one, there are wizards with giant, protruding tongues who use their black sorcery to control kung fu gorillas (this has to be seen to be believed). Secondly, the cast includes the magnificent Judy Lee (QUEEN BOXER) and the intimidating Carter Wong (BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA), both skilled performers in every respect. This is a true basher bash!
Director: Not Available
Cast: Carter Wong, Doris Chen, Judy Lee
Release: January 20, 2016