The New World/To The Wonder

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Double Feature: THE NEW WORLD: Dreamy, effervescent and endlessly poetic, director Terrence Malick’s reimagining of the 1607 founding of Jamestown and the legendary love triangle between Captain John Smith, Pocahontas and John Rolfe has recently been described by critics as a “misunderstood masterpiece.” Malick superbly crafts and endows his tale with a raw, haunting sense of realism. Historically and cinematically important, THE NEW WORLD is a refreshingly complex alternative to the simplified national foundational myths that currently populate American culture. TO THE WONDER: Writer-director Terrence Malick drew from his own life to take an abstract look at romantic connections and disconnections. While traveling in Paris, Neil falls for Marina, bringing the Ukrainian divorcée and her 10-year old daughter with him to his native Oklahoma.
Director: Not Available
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Release: April 03, 2016