Music Monday: 24 Hour Party People

Rating: r 0 hr 1 min

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An equal ode to post-punk hedonism and forgetting to file your business tax returns, 24 Hour Party People stars an on-point Steve Coogan as Tony Wilson, the fake-it-til-you-make-it impresario behind one of the greatest record labels in all of indiedom. Factory Records was an ambitious hothouse located in Manchester, the center of Britain’s frigid, industrial North -- and this Altmanesque dance party of a breezy proto-Britpop biopic fires up the stories of its favorite sons: Joy Division, James, Happy Mondays and Wilson’s own sweetly chaotic “unreliable narrator” vector. Coogan’s Wilson is detached, bemused, resigned, almost the Jack Benny of Punk Rock as he cheats and squirms his well-deserved way into music history.
Director: Not Available
Cast: Steve Coogan
Release: January 25, 2016