Lazer Team

Rating: pg13 0 hr 1 min

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When Earth falls under threat of alien attack, the only thing standing between mankind and complete annihilation is one chosen champion, raised from birth to fight for us with a battle suit of alien technology designed just for him. Unfortunately, four small-town losers are about to stumble onto that suit and tank our chances of survival… From the creators of Red vs. Blue, LAZER TEAM is a “quick-witted homage to the best in 1980s matinee movies” (Nerdist) about stepping up to be a hero - even when you’re probably not strong, smart, or talented enough to win.
Genre: Comedy,Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Director: Not Available
Cast: Burnie Burns,Gavin Free,Michael Jones,Colton Dunn,Allie DeBerry
Release: January 29, 2016