Laughing at the Moon

Rating: pg

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SOMEWHERE in the city, inside a small loft apartment, three unsuspecting people are about to encounter something very strange…but they just might find the meaning of life. LAUGHING AT THE MOON is a character-driven “dramedy” about IRIS an eccentric, altruistic woman, who comes to live with a self-absorbed, compulsive, snobby roommate, NATALIE, who is her complete opposite. Iris’s hilarious antics and Christ-like sacrificial love, totally transform everyone she meets. LAUGHING AT THE MOON has laugh out loud comedy and intense heartfelt drama. At first Natalie and her friends think Iris is weird, who has bright mismatched clothes, her own language and sings to plants leaving a trail of sunflower seeds. Little did they know what they were getting into when Iris walks through the door. But, she might just have the answers they're looking for.
Genre: Comedy,Drama
Director: Not Available
Cast: Alyssa Addison,Erin Bethea,Carrie B. Thompson,Jennifer Loveday,Eric Gifford
Release: September 09, 2016