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This is a film based on family values and Punjabi traditions and culture. Its a story of 3 families which revolves around the protagonist DARA who studies in university and came back to his family in his village after completing his studies. He's got 2 brothers sister in law and mother. Due to Dara's increasing popularity in his village because of his knowledge and urge to help others villagers want him to be the next sarpanch of the village. On other side existing sarpanch of the village also nods yes to villager's demand but Dara and his family refuses for this. Existing sarpanch is dara's family friend and he brings a marriage proposal for Dara and get him married. One day suddenly dara's death news arrived and investigation begins. Story goes further and very interestingly we reveal how dara got killed and who killed him? At the end its a happy ending with all the issues sorted.
Genre: Drama
Director: Not Available
Cast: Gurpreet Ghuggi, Kartar Cheema, Happy Raikoti, Shivindra Singh Mahal, Pammi Bai
Release: September 02, 2016