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An amazing powder keg of a set-up explodes into an unforgettably cynical, grim and mean-spirited blast of frontier violence in CUT-THROATS NINE. An army soldier and his beautiful young daughter are escorting a gang of vicious criminals to prison. When this wagon-load of brutal killers is ambushed by thieves, the wagon is destroyed and the horses killed, so the soldier chains himself and his daughter to the savage criminals and makes tracks for the prison on foot through the snow covered mountains. The journey alone is hazardous enough but the danger is soon amplified when the prisoners discover the chains that bind them are made of gold! A major influence on Quentin Tarantino's latest gore-soaked western, CUT-THROATS NINE is easily one of the most violent and thrilling Eurowesterns every made.
Director: Not Available
Cast: Alberto Dalbés, Antonio Iranzo, Claudio Undari, Emma Cohen
Release: January 10, 2016