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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: The first feature directed by Jean Cocteau was a labor of love that attests to the imagination and perseverance of Cocteau and his entire production team in the face of severe deprivations posed by the Occupation. The Beast's subtle makeup, the fantastic park and architecture of the Beast's castle, the Chateau de Raray, and the delicate beauty of Josette Day all conspired to produce one of the most enchanting films ever made. WINGS OF DESIRE: Director Wim Wenders’ most fully realized cinematic vision follows Damiel, an angel having pangs of longing as he observes the lives of mortals in Berlin, specifically the beautiful, ethereal trapeze artist Marion. Peter Falk essentially plays himself, a philosophical film and TV star who is making a movie in Germany and is one of the few people who can sense the presence of the invisible celestial spirits. An achingly beautiful and poetic meditation on life and what it means to be a human being.
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Release: February 12, 2016