The Wisdom Tree

Rating: nr 0 hr 1 min

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Struggling to decipher a mysterious car accident, a Quantum Physicist, a Neuroscientist (Sheetal Sheth) and an FBI agent are drawn into an ever-deepening mystery. If they can read the clues - snowballing from science, art, music and mysticism - on this meditative sci-fi journey, not only may they save the human race from an imminent danger, but they may also chance upon the most profound discoveries... ever. A tale of human fears & guilt, The Wisdom Tree raises deep questions on the realities of our existence.
Genre: Drama,Sci-Fi/Fantasy,Suspense/Thriller
Director: Not Available
Cast: Sheetal Sheth,Patrick Alparone,Eric Holter,Nick Scoggin,Ross Turner
Release: April 24, 2015