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Double Feature: REAR WINDOW, 1954, Universal, 112 min. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock. James Stewart is L.B. Jeffries, an ace photographer stuck in a wheelchair after breaking his leg. Despite receiving visits from his high-fashion sweetheart (Grace Kelly), Jeffries is bored and resorts to spying on his tenement neighbors through a telephoto lens. Suddenly, he realizes he may be privy to the disappearance of his neighbor’s ill wife. 60th Anniversary! THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER, 1955, Park Circus/MGM, 93 min. Dir. Charles Laughton. Robert Mitchum is astonishing as a sociopathic preacher who uses his fire-and-brimstone fundamentalism to mask his schemes to rob and murder gullible yokels - and puritanical Shelley Winters, left alone with her son and daughter and a stash of hidden loot, is a perfect target. Lillian Gish is the elderly matron who shelters the children when they flee from the homicidal Mitchum.
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Release: April 30, 2015