Prophet's Prey

Rating: nr 0 hr 1 min

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When Jeffs’ father, Rulon, died in 2002, his son greatly expanded his control over the congregation, which reportedly consists of as many as ten thousand members in several states and is said to be worth more than one hundred million dollars. Naming himself president, he ruled the FLDS as a private kingdom, limiting members’ access to the outside world, tithing all earnings, favoring and expelling members according to whim, marrying most of his father’s wives and adding additional wives, some of whom were underage. His abusiveness did not stop there. Even before he officially took over the FLDS, he was covertly molesting and raping children, intimidating them into silence by threatening them with expulsion and perdition.
Genre: Documentary
Director: Not Available
Cast: Not Available
Release: September 25, 2015