Paprika / Tokyo Godfathers

Rating: nr 0 hr 1 min

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Double Feature: PAPRIKA (PAPURIKA), 2006, Sony Pictures Classics, 90 min. The final film from animator Satoshi Kon offers a mash-up of fantasy and waking life that would be echoed in Christopher Nolan’s INCEPTION a few years later. In the near future, an experimental device called the DC Mini allows people to view others’ dreams. Dr. Chiba uses the promising tool for psychotherapy on her patients, adopting the alter ego “Paprika” to enter their nocturnal reveries. But when the DC Mini is stolen by those who would abuse its power, dream worlds begin to impinge on reality, and only Paprika can bring an end to the chaos. In Japanese with English subtitles. TOKYO GODFATHERS, 2003, Sony Repertory, 93 min. Dirs. Satoshi Kon, Shôgo Furuya. Written and directed by Satoshi Kon, this award-winning anime follows the story of three homeless people in Tokyo who find an abandoned newborn in the trash on Christmas Eve. In Japanese with English subtitles.
Director: Not Available
Cast: Not Available
Release: March 01, 2015