Funny Bunny

Rating: nr 0 hr 1 min

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Gene (Kentucker Audley, QUEEN OF EARTH) spends his days canvassing about childhood obesity. One day he comes across Titty (Olly Alexander, ENTER THE VOID), an emotionally-arrested 19-year-old who has successfully sued his own father to win back a large inheritance, getting himself disowned in the process. Gene discovers that Titty has an ongoing online relationship with the beautiful but reclusive animal activist, Ginger (Joslyn Jensen, JACKRABBIT). Gene convinces Titty to make a pilgrimage to meet Ginger for the first time, where the two men form a close bond despite both of them being drawn to the enigmatic Ginger, who is in need of rescue. Written in collaboration with FUNNY BUNNY leads Olly Alexander, Kentucker Audley, and Joslyn Jensen, Alison Bagnall's FUNNY BUNNY is a serious comedy that explores the flexibility of human connection with a whimsical and endearing approach.
Genre: Comedy,Drama
Director: Not Available
Cast: Olly Alexander,Kentucker Audley,Joslyn Jensen,Louis Cancelmi,Caridad De La Luz
Release: November 13, 2015