A Better You

Rating: nr 0 hr 1 min

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Dr. Ron Knight (Brian Huskey) stands out with his “Wake Up! Wake Up!” form of screaming hypnotherapy. A published author of self-help, he can cure whatever ails you, from smoking to your lack of confidence. But with great ego and success come great costs. As Dr. Ron becomes the prisoner to his own head, he loses touch with his gorgeous wife Margo (Morgan Walsh) and their two children. Margo forces Dr. Ron to go to marriage counseling, but he finds that Dr. Milner (Joe Lo Truglio) is just another quack. Thrown into a midlife crisis, Dr. Ron looks to the most unlikely of shoulders to cry upon: Hugo (Horatio Sanz), the day laborer at the Hardware Superstore. Along for the ride are a number of eclectic patients including Patrick (Matt Walsh) who has a smoking problem, Tamara who’ll do the most X-rated things for a cigarette (Natasha Leggero), a befuddled high school football coach (Rob Huebel) and a stuttering voiceover artist (Nick Kroll).
Genre: Comedy
Director: Not Available
Cast: Matt Walsh,Brian Huskey,Erinn Hayes,Natalie Jane,Natasha Leggero
Release: October 09, 2015