600 Miles

Rating: r 0 hr 1 min

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Arnulfo Rubio is a low-level operator in the gun smuggling trade between the United States and Mexico. What this young man doesn’t know is that Hank Harris, a veteran ATF agent who is part of the “Fast and Furious” initiative put forth by his agency, has been closely following his every step. After a small but dangerous mistake by Harris, Rubio makes a desperate decision: he puts the agent in his truck and smuggles him across the border to Mexico. And during this journey between Arizona and Culiacan, these two men, apparent enemies, will slowly get to know each other. But the place where they finally arrive is dangerous. And the only way they will get out of there alive will be by trusting each other.
Genre: Drama,Suspense/Thriller
Director: Not Available
Cast: Tim Roth,Kristyan Ferrer,Monica del Carmen,Noé Hernández,Julian Sedgwick
Release: February 05, 2016