Queen | Regal Cinemas
2 hr 26 min


“Queen” is about a conservative Punjabi girl “Rani” living in New Delhi, India. She is from an orthodox Punjabi family; where she is not allowed to venture out on her own, but escorted by her brother everywhere for her safety. She gets the biggest shock of her life and is totally confused, when her wedding is called off because her fiancé gets killed in a car accident. Instead of crying or lamenting about her current situation, she decides to move on in life. She goes ahead on her honeymoon alone. The film portrays “Rani” growing up as an individual and her journey of discovering her own identity, while on her lonely honeymoon. Hindi with English Subtitles


Genre: Romance
Director: Not Available
Cast: Kangana Ranaut,Lisa Haydon,Mish Boyko,Rajkummar Rao,Marco Canadea
Release: March 07, 2014

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