Glenn Beck Unelectable 2012 Live | Regal Cinemas
Glenn Beck Unelectable 2012 Live
2 hr 0 min


NCM Fathom Events, Mercury Radio Arts and TheBlaze Present Glenn Beck Unelectable 2012 in select movie theaters nationwide—Live!--on Thursday, September 20, 2012. Don’t miss Glenn as he squares off against Brian Sack, host of The B.S. of A., the sketch comedy show that airs on Glenn’s GBTV online network, in this mock presidential debate. The “debate” is moderated by Jack Helmuth and Matt Fisher, two writer/performers from The B.S. of A. who play the perfect lefty foils to Glenn’s pain spoken, common sense platform and Brian Sack’s “say anything to get elected” character. Don’t miss the all-new TheBlaze Presents Glenn Beck Unelectable 2012. With Election Day this close; you might as well laugh before you cry!


Genre: Concert/Special Events
Director: Not Available
Cast: Not Available
Release: September 20, 2012

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