Rewards FAQ

Below are answers to frequently asked questions.  Please read our Club Rules, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy for more detailed information.

What is Regal Crown Club?
The Regal Crown Club program rewards movie-lovers that attend participating Regal Entertainment Group theatres!  Members earn credits for box office and concession purchases, and those credits can be used to obtain free concession items, merchandise, movie tickets and more through our online Reward Center. Additionally, members can participate in our national sweepstakes and receive special offers including member-only sneak previews of upcoming films.

What's different for members in the New Regal Crown Club?
Regal Crown Club is all new and better than ever! We have added new benefits for our valued members- including no daily earning limits, more credits awarded per dollar spent at box office and concession and the ability to choose their rewards through the Regal Cinemas App or the online Reward Center. Members can stay updated on all the latest membership details and redeem credits for rewards by registering their Regal Crown Club Card and confirming their email address.

What happens to the points I was earning in the old program?
Your points have been converted to the new system to ensure that you are just as close to your next free ticket reward as you were in the old program. Example: A patron with 295 points in the old system was 5 points (a 5 dollar purchase) away from earning a free ticket.  This patron will now be credited with 14,500 credits and is now 500 credits (a 5 dollar purchase) away from earning a free ticket.

Is joining Regal Crown Club free?
Yes! Eligible individuals can enroll in the Regal Crown Club for no cost by either (1) picking up a Regal Crown Club card at any participating Regal Entertainment Group theatre location and register it online at or (2) downloading the Regal Mobile App on a smartphone/tablet and signing up through the app for a virtual card. You can download the Regal Mobile App here Note that your virtual card must be activated at the Box Office by a cashier.

What is Registration and what are the benefits?
All new members are encouraged to register their Regal Crown Club Card to begin redeeming credits towards free rewards. By linking information like email, phone number and birthdate to their Crown Club account, members gain access to exclusive offers that are provided only to registered members, including a free small popcorn on their birthday! Additionally, registration increases the ease of card look up should a member ever forget their Regal Crown Club card while visiting their favorite Regal Entertainment Group theatre.
Ready to register? Please visit: Once the form is completed and submitted, a verification message will be sent to the email provided. Please be sure to hit the “Confirm Email” button once this message is received and the account registration will be fully complete.

How do I accumulate credits on my Regal Crown Club card?
Members can earn 100 credits for every $1.00 spent on movie tickets and concession purchases at Regal Theatres by presenting their card to the cashier at the time of purchase. Members purchasing tickets online (or at a kiosk) must enter their Regal Crown Club card number during the transaction to earn credits for those purchases.  Extra credits can be earned during special promotions or for completing specified actions online.

Where do I redeem my credits?
Members can redeem their credits and load rewards at the box office of participating Regal Theatre locations, in the Regal Cinemas App or online at Members that load their own rewards in the App or online get a better deal on the credits required to redeem for the popcorn, drink and ticket rewards.  The App is also a great tool for tracking your credit balance, transaction history and status in the program.

Is there a maximum number of credits that can be accumulated per day?
No. There is no daily cap on credits earned; however, credits will expire if a member does not visit a Regal Theatre for more than a year. Please note that credits will not be issued for group sales.

How can I keep track of my credits?
Credits earned for a transaction, and total credits balance can be found in several places.
  1. In the Regal CInemas App.
  2. On your printed theatre receipt.
  3. Online at Your current point balance will appear at the top of the page right next to your name.
  4. At the Customer Service desk of participating Regal Entertainment Group theatres.
Note: Extra credit may take up to 72 hours to post to your account.

How do I pick which Rewards I want?
Members have a great selection of possible rewards! To see all the options, click on the Reward Center from the left-hand navigation buttons or the main banner graphic to enter the online reward store. The Reward Center is filled with a variety of exciting rewards. To choose your rewards, simply add items to your shopping cart and check out!

How will you deliver my chosen Rewards?
There are three possible delivery methods for items you select in the Reward Center.  (1) Physically shipped items like movie posters and other merchandise will be mailed to the shipping address you provided at checkout.  Shipping Fees do apply, shipping rates explained here.  Please allow 10-14 days for shipping.  (2) Some items like free popcorn, drinks and movie tickets are automatically loaded onto your Regal Crown Club card.  These rewards can be redeemed during your next visit to a Regal theatre by simply providing the cashier your membership card.  (3) Items designated as Digitally Delivered will be provided to you in the form of an email with a unique code and redemption instructions.  Simply follow the redemption instructions and use the provided code to receive your reward.  Regardless of the delivery method, you will always receive an email confirmation with your purchase details for your record.

Do I need a physical card to redeem rewards that are ‘loaded on my card’ (like popcorn and drinks)?
You will need to either present your physical card or your virtual card via the Regal Mobile App to our cashier in order to claim any rewards that have been ‘loaded on your card.’ These include things like free popcorn or drinks and free movie tickets. To see which rewards you have loaded on your card, simply click on the ‘My Crown Club’ button on the left side of the page. Any active rewards on your card will be displayed above the main banner.

Do I need a physical card or just the virtual card on my phone?
Members can use a physical card or a virtual card created via the Regal Mobile App at the box office and concession stand. To receive credits during online purchase, members will need to enter their card number during the transaction. This card number can be found under ‘My Account’ on the Regal Mobile App or on the physical RCC card. The App also enables members to track their purchases and load free items like movie tickets & popcorn right to their virtual rewards card!

I have a physical card but I would like to use the virtual card on my phone instead?
Members with a physical card can create their own virtual card through the Regal Mobile App by simply adding their card number under ‘My Account.’  New members that sign up through the Regal Mobile App automatically have this virtual card. Either of these can be used can be used just like a physical card at the box office and concession stand at Regal theatres.

How does Regal Entertainment Group protect my privacy after I register my card?
We value your business and respect your personal information. To protect your privacy, we do not sell your information to other companies. We may use information for internal marketing purposes and to provide you with offers and rewards that make sense for you. We also use information collected through our web site to prevent and detect fraud, infringement, and other potential misuse of the web site. We do share your information under certain circumstances, with third parties that provide services on our behalf. Please see the “Our Use of Your Information” section of our Privacy Policy.

How can I receive coupons and special offers?
We may provide coupons and special offers to Regal Crown Club members and other customers from time to time at our discretion. These special offers may be provided via email, SMS messages, through Regal’s mobile app, on our website and through our newsletter. To receive our newsletter by email, simply log into your Regal Crown Club account and click on the ‘Edit Profile’ button of the Regal Crown Club page. In your profile, make sure to check the box that is labeled “Please send me news and information about Regal Crown Club special promotions and events.

What are the benefits of providing a valid mobile phone number?
You may opt in to receive coupons and special offers at the mobile phone number you provided to us via autodialed or prerecorded marketing calls and text/SMS messages. Depending on the terms of your service agreement with your wireless provider, message and data rates may apply. You are not required to opt in to such telemarketing calls and messages to become or remain a Regal Crown Club member, and you can opt out of receiving such calls and messages at any time. Access your account information to add or update your mobile phone number by clicking on ‘Edit Profile.’

I've lost my card! What should I do?
Just pick up a new card at any participating Regal Entertainment Group theatre, and then login to and click on the button for Lost Card. From there, you will simply add your new card number and click submit. NOTE:All of your member information and unclaimed rewards will be transferred to the new card and the old card will be deleted and permanently deactivated in our system to safeguard your account.

Can I transfer an old card to a new card?
Yes! Just log in to and click on the button for Card Transfer. From there, you will simply add your new card number and click submit. NOTE: All of your member information and unclaimed rewards will be transferred to the new card and the old card will be deleted and permanently deactivated in our system to safeguard your account.

Will my Regal Crown Club card work at all Regal Entertainment Group theatres?
The Regal Crown Club card will work at all participating Regal Entertainment Group theatres. See for participating theatres.

Do my credits have an expiration date?
Credits will NOT expire as long as you continue to see movies at Regal Theatres; however, credits will expire if a member does not visit a Regal Theatre for more than a year.

Do my earned rewards expire?
Yes. All reward vouchers are valid only until the expiration date indicated. Drink and popcorn rewards generally expire after 60 days and movie rewards generally expire after 90 days.

Can I give my Regal Crown Club credits to someone else?
No. Credits are not transferable.

Can I get a duplicate Regal Crown Club loyalty card for a family member or friend?
No, to protect your account information we do not offer card duplication services. We encourage all individuals within the same household, 13 years of age or older, to sign up for their own card to start earning credits.

Can I upsize a free concession item?
Yes. A free concession item can be upsized, you will be charged the difference in the price. Please note that a free concession item can NOT be upsized by using a free upsize coupon. See any participating Regal Entertainment Group theatre location for details.

Do I receive credits for purchasing gift cards or Super Saver tickets?
No, credits are only earned when redeeming gift cards. No credits are earned for purchasing Gift Cards or Super Saver tickets.

Do I receive credits when making ticket purchases from in-theatre kiosks?
Yes. Regal Crown Club cards may be used at in-theatre kiosks at participating Regal Entertainment Group theatres.

Do I receive credits when making ticket purchases online?
Yes. If you enter your Regal Crown Club membership number when purchasing tickets online, you will receive credits for those ticket purchases.

What to do if I forgot my card or did not receive credits?
Please allow up to 72 hours for Regal Crown Club credits to reflect on your membership account. There are multiple ways to ensure you obtain credits for your both your box office and concession purchases effectively. On the day of your visit, please be sure to present your physical Regal Crown Club Card, or utilize your virtual Crown Club card on the Regal mobile app. You may also elect to provide the mobile phone number that is affiliated with your registered account. Members can easily update their profile with a mobile phone number online at Simply login and update your member information by selecting “My Profile” or download the Regal Cinemas mobile app and store your Crown Club card on your phone.

If you believe that credits were not properly awarded for a transaction, you must notify customer service at the Regal Entertainment Group theatre at which the transaction occurred within 24 hours.  Regal Entertainment Group reserves the right to require proof of accrual of such credits from you, including but not limited to copies of receipts or similar documentation verifying any transactions claimed to have been performed.

Will my membership ever become deactivated?
To maintain our databases, Regal routinely purges non-active member files. If a member has not made a purchase a Regal Theatre using their Regal Crown Club card in over 42 consecutive months, we purge all member data (including any remaining points on the account). If your card has been purged, simply pick up a new card at the theatre and register it online, or download our free mobile app and create a new virtual card.

Why does my online account show zero? I know that I have credits.
Your account could be showing “0” for a couple of reasons.
  • If you have just created your online account, please allow up to 72 hours for the system to update and show the correct credit total.
  • If the account is already in existence, but you haven’t swiped your Regal Crown Club card while visiting a Regal theatre in over 42 consecutive months, then your card may have been purged from our system as a part of our regular database maintenance. If that is the case, please simply pick up a new card or create a new virtual card with our free mobile app.
  • If the account is already in existence and you have regularly been visiting Regal theatres, please check your online profile to make sure your card number is correct. To do so, click on the “My Profile” tab on the Regal Crown Club homepage. If your card number is incorrect, use the Contact Us form to send us your information to have your card number corrected. Please allow up to 72 hours for the system to update and show the correct credit total.

What does NO PASS mean?
Often, free ticket passes are not accepted during the first few weeks of a movie's theatrical release. This is a policy that movie studios set with theatres for individual movies and show times. Please contact your local Regal Entertainment Group theatre directly if you have questions about whether your pass is valid for a particular movie and show time.

Updated 2/1/2017