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Regal Crown Club Better Than Ever. Earn Credits, Choose Rewards
Regal Crown Club - More Choices, Faster Rewards, Extra Discounts and Offers.
Regal Crown Club - The More You Visit, The More You Earn. Crown Jewel Bonus Program.
Regal Crown Club - Rewards Menu - Drink Upsize, Popcorn Upsize, Free Small Drink, Free Small Popcorn, Free 2D Movie Ticket, Movie Swag.

RCC Rewards Menu in Theatres at Box Office

Login to your Regal Crown Club Account Now. Shop The Online Rewards Center Now. Shop for rewards in the new Online Rewards Center at Download the App and receive offers and discounts via text message. Free Soft Drink Upsize Free Small Soft Drink Free Popcorn Upsize Free 2D Movie Tickets Free Small Popcorn Movie Swag and More